Creatures from the feral state exhibition @ Spout Coffee Shop.


An exhibition of new paintings by local artist Laurel Gallagher will be on display in the Spout coffee shop, Leek from 24th October.

Enter a world of lost children, spirit animals and feral Goddesses where you are not only a viewer but the storyteller; weaving the characters together to create your own narrative.
Artist Laurel Gallagher’s paintings form part of an artistic process exploring the Feral in human nature that she describes as “our inner creativity which works on subconscious instinct and cannot be tamed”

One thought on “Creatures from the feral state exhibition @ Spout Coffee Shop.

  1. “The most isolated city in the world” … yes, it does feel like that when standing on the beach at Scarborough, looking south-west into the roaring Forties … I often wonder about my grandfathers’ emotions when they were returning after 1918, whether they were elated at the prospect of reunion with their families or felt that they were returning to Tartary. Everything here is strange, when compared to Europe, birds are raucous, seas fiercer, lands burnt to a crisp, black swans to inhabit one’s nightmares … mind you, I am enjoying your journey into a netherworld …

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