Laurel moved to Western Australia in 2011 where she built her practise as a narrative painter. Her paintings explored the confines of modern childhood, a desire to return to the wild and the disconnect between people, places and nature. She titled the paintings ‘Illustrations from the Feral State’ and started to use the Feral State as a concept and artistic identity.

In 2014 Laurel moved to Staffordshire where she established the Feral State as a brand through which she developed community projects and immersive art experiences in wild spaces that connected audiences with their wild identities.

Since 2016 Laurel has produced ‘Feral Spaces’ projects with young people from disadvantaged urban communities in Stoke-on-Trent. Funded by the Arts Council and Big Lottery Laurel has built a team of artists who lead ‘Urban Explorers’ activities and immersive art experiences reclaiming disused urban green spaces for creativity, adventure and play.