The value of disused urban spaces

Walk with me down a dead-end street in a post-industrial neighbourhood; on one side high walls and fencing protect a new build estate, on the other crumbling brick walls shield a demolished factory site. Pass through an unmarked opening and uneven steps lead you to a pathway overgrown with brambles, littered with beer cans and [...]

Bird Boy Video

  ‘Bird Boy' represents the importance of process over product by presenting the viewer with a non linear narrative of creation and destruction which denies a sense of satisfaction and conclusion. The ‘Bird Boy’ project started with a sharing of ideas between Laurel and the Welsh musician and mythologist Gwilym.  This was followed by a [...]

Feral Children

“Although psychology and pedagogy have always maintained the belief that a child is a happy being without any conflicts, and have assumed that the sufferings of adults are the results of the burdens and hardships of reality, it must be asserted that just the opposite is true" Melanie Klein